Business Intern - Operation Team



Market Research
Market size of ADAS and Self-driving car focusing on LiDAR
Market information of the Smart city focusing on ITS and Retails
Investment & Funding history on Self-driving car or LiDAR startups
Business Operation
Product Operation
People & Culture
Global Office Operation


Able to understand the worldwide flow of ADAS, SDC, and LiDAR
Able to understand how Tech startup works and optimize the system
Opportunities to be a Full-time position


Bachelor's degree
Able to commit to a minimum of a 6-month internship
Great capability to search, understand, analyze, and derive insight from the English materials
Great capability to identify the main point of the issue from the complex situation and communicate logically with others to solve it
Learn and adjust new things fast with flexibility
Big interest in the market of Self Driving, ADAS, Smart city, and LiDAR
Fluent communication skills and documentation in English and Korean

Preferred Qualifications

Experience in Market research
Experience in Startups